Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Attack of the Irrational Crazy Monster Lady Person!

Once a month, as we all know, our lady hormones go haywire! It's like a super short circuit to the brain.  An out of body experience of sorts.  I go crazy & get all mad and emotional and sensitive and bitchy and irrational and crazy and sad and weird and looney and... (seriously folks, we could be here allllll night and I'm not gonna do that to you!) all at once. And the worst part about it - I CAN'T PREVENT IT! I can't stop it & I can't control it!  

It's only after the fact, i.e. the next day, that I realize why I was so crazy & bitchy the day before. Then I'm spending 1/2 my day apologizing to all who encountered Ms. Hyde the day before.  Lemme tell you, eating crow is NOT delicious!  

sorry for yesterday everybody! (you DEFINITELY know who you are!!)

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