Friday, April 4, 2008

the Daily Show...

I love some Comedy Central! Between the Daily Show & the Colbert Report I am intellectually entertained every show. John Stewart is a genius! really. Colbert?! What?! ridiculous. I swear some shit is so hilarious, I can't help but appreciate the humor in our daily lives in this country!

The things we think are important. The way our video games and online forums give the government strategies on attacking foreign lands and monitoring the worlds every move. I was watching Lil Bush earlier and cracking up. Our current state of the government is so laughable. The way the media is attempting to mask the bullshit. How PC the politicians have to be while stabbing each other in the back and endorsing their own egos with their dirty campaign tactics.

When did it become more about a race to the seat and less about what the country needs?! We don't need someone who has more "experience" in the White House (aka time served). We need someone who has more experience with the people! It's the fact that many of us can finally relate to a potential leader of our nation. We, as US citizens, are finally wanting change en masse. We are more aware now than ever. We are steadily opening the doors to new opportunities and standing up for what's good for us as people and humanity as a whole. The mutiny has begun! Finally, we, as a generation, are speaking our minds & proudly standing alongside each other to work toward change.


I recently got into regularly blogging (as you can tell by my join date on blogger), but I'm not new to the concept. I used to post my diary, if you will, on my Myspace page. Looking back on my first blogs on Myspace, I've realized how much more I express my opinion and feelings more & more freely. Even if no one is listening, or reading for that matter [!], I still enjoy putting it out there. It's the most liberating feeling I could imagine. Saying what ever the fuck I want (no, I didn't use an astrix [* for those who STILL don't know what that is] this time for effect. Hell, sometimes I like to cuss! Shit! LOL) and there is a slight chance someone may read my blog and think, "Man. I can relate to that!", is an awesome feeling! I know that there are so many intellectually and creatively intelligent people in this world who think progressively and want to improve the human experience thru expressing themselves and creating change.

We reach out to each other via email or chat or blog or whatever web-based opportunity we can (I know a few Craigslist fans). We get to know each other & befriend one another. If we live in proximity, we meet up a what ever coffee shop is on the nearest corner. If we don't live in the same area - hell, or in the same country sometimes! - we offer our homes to our new traveling friends. We are becoming international neighbors. We are creating our own global communities. If you're ever in Paris...

**That's to Mizz Meow! She recently traveled to Paris & Mali to visit friends she met thru her modem...and had an amazing time! By the way, that's how we met (not in Mali, by modem!). Thanks, Myspace! I've met some of the most awesome people on Myspace and a few more on it's predecessors. **

I say all this to say, I think the technology age, or should I say techKNOWLEDGEy age, is becoming more and more globally aware and we are more willing to think outside of the box and outside of our blocks, our neighborhoods, our boroughs, our towns and cities and states. We are interested in learning about more than just ourselves, we want to know about what is going on globally. Even if you're uninterested in what's going on in Japan, you get excited about some 13-year old Japanese girl virtually whooping your ass in Guitar Hero or Halo3! (shout out to all my gamers out there!).

Time zones no longer matter. As much as many of us would love to travel the world, but may not have the resources, we make due through online connections & research. We make the world smaller until we get the chance to actually visit in person. We learn new languages with the help of We Google any and every thing our overactive brains can conjure up...and actually FIND information on it! We click on the street view tab on Google Maps to see what it looks like to stand on the corner of 42nd St. & Broadway in Manhattan. We watch YouTube videos to entertain ourselves. It's amazing what we do through a computer!


On the Colbert Report tonight, he interviewed a guy named Clay Shirky on his book Here Comes Everybody: Organizing Without Organizations. His book is along the same lines of the latter part of this blog (I'm sure that's what sparked the thought!). I want to read it. It sounds interesting. And since I'm again a member of my local library and into saving trees, I'm gonna check it out (hopefully they have a copy). I'll blog about it whenever I do.

As you can see, my thoughts randomly flow into other thoughts and ideas. It may be my A.D.D. or other influences, or a combination of both. I must go to bed seeing as though its 2:56AM and I have to work in the morning! LOL.

I bid you adieu.

nite nite.

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