Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Comin' @ Ya 1000 Beats Per Second! Bring Bacon.

Met up with a familiar face I haven't seen in aaaaaaaages (my bad man! I know I've had the time off too! LOL) over at Villa on Melrose (used to be Monroe's) last night.
**like how i have 2 conversations in 1 sentence?! LOL!**

I got to finally wear my vintage leather coat I bought when my mom was here. Yay! Ooooh I was so fly. Hell, I felt fly!


And I had a milkshake earlier that evening! *see Chocolate Shake & A Cupcake* Life couldn't have been better. I was is such an awesome mood, too! I was happy for happiness sake! It was a great feeling. Best I've felt in years. Kinda liberating actually.

Crazy thing is (here comes a back story...) I was SO tired yesterday, almost exhausted really. I agreed to a have dinner with some girlfriends I used to work with & listened to them lament about the continuing saga. It was like listening to a soap opera on TV from the kitchen. You're not watching it anymore, but you can see exactly what is going on. You know the characters so well that it takes very little imagination to put it all together. The more I listened, the more I realized how truly happy I was to be out of that energy dynamic. No more unnecessary tension and drama sucking the life out of me on a daily basis. I instantly felt free! Like the bird who fled the cage. It was momentous. I couldn't believe the sense of relief I felt at that moment. (AND the pizza was amazing!) I was instantly in an awesome mood! Felt like magic LOL!

Then you add the milkshake/cupcake combo (I actually am about to eat that cupcake now...I didn't get to it yesterday!), my mood shot thru the roof. F*ck cloud 9. I was on cloud 215! Went home, entertained Mary Jane, listened to some 80s funk (thanks 2 Devon's Myspace page & YouTube links) & text an old friend. Exhausted and exhilarated at the same time, I decided to go out. F*ck it! Go with the flow. The energy was right. (plus, it's right around the corner from my house, didn't have to go far)

Villa it is!

Upon my arrival, I'm greeted by a slew of paparazzi. They must've forgotten that I was famous, so there were no flashbulbs. It's all good. It was my night off. You know, being famous isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes it's fun to be a regular person.


I digress.

As I'm walking behind 3 too-skinny hollywood celebwhore chicks (one in booty shorts...mind you it was pretty f*ckin brr outside for LA at this time of year. You saw what I had on!), I think to myself. Damn, do I want to deal with this kind of crowd tonight? Hollywood shit? Eh.

I stopped.
Sent a text.
Thought about it.
"Fuck it. I'm already here. Why not?"

Walked right in the door.

Surprise. Surprise. What did I see? Hollywooooooood! LOL (no, not the celebs, just the celebutants. Rich white folks (and I'm sure there were a bunch of posers, too) and a sprinkling of others. Awesome people watching! It's hilarious how out of control some of the drunken dolls get. Yes, dolls. Plastic ones. One girl fell flat on her face in the middle of the dance floor. She even laid there for a minute. Com-e-dy!

As I passed judgment (not in a bad way, just in my way) on all who were in my direct line of sight, I played catch up with Malcolm. It was good to see him after all this time. Reconnecting with friends is awesome!

Funny side note...This chick (can't remember her name, but then again I wasn't focused when we were introduced) volunteered to sit on my jacket (so I wouldn't have to hold it while I was sideline boogie-ing) and she was soooo tossed! I was thoroughly entertained and quite amused by her. She kept telling me that the more I showed my teeth, the longer she will warm my coat with her ass. (yes, that is EXACTLY what she said!) I couldn't help but laugh. Liquor makes people so entertainting! Mind you, I was babysitting a glass of pinot grigo, so I was as far from drunk as a Mormon on Sunday. But! I was in an altered state of mind...after all, this is California!

Here she is warming my coat with her ass. (Sorry, guys, no ass shots!)
She was a nice person. I can't say anything bad...other than I think she was trying to get me involved in some sort of menage trois. Not interested. But, thanks...?! (I guess)

Apparently it was also karaoke night. There were a few WTF's and Umm...Yeah's. There were, however 3 people that got up there and actually did their thang thang. I have video... (I'll post it later)


Look @ the guy in the lower right! HIL-ARIOUS! I can only imagine what he's thinking! No, dude. They're all not going home with you for a fantasy romp in your 1 room studio! Sorry.

Good times.
Thanks for the invite Malc!

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