Sunday, April 13, 2008

Want a Dog? Go to a Garage Sale!

Perusing Craigslist for garage sales the other day, I came across this posting.

Dog for Sale Craigslist

Who does that?!?!? Sells their dog at a moving sale?! WTF?

C'mon, Sparky! Wanna go outside?! C'mon! Let's go for a walk! Wanna go for a ride? Huh? Huh? Do ya?! C'mon, jump in this guys car!

Little does the poor doggie know...

puppy face


Imagine the conversation when the someone actually buys the dog...

Phil: Sooo, you want the Alan wrench set? That'll be $2 since a few are missing. The Joy of Cooking for $1...And the "Worlds Best Dad" coffee mug for 75 cents...You know what, how about fifty cents, it's chipped. The coffee table, that's 10 bucks...

Guy: And the dog. How much you sellin' that dog for?

Phil: Oh, Sparky? Eh...make an offer.

Guy: Hmm. How old is she?

Phil: Six

Guy: What kind of dog is she?

Phil: A medium sized one.

Guy: Ok. Hey, hon, how much you think we should offer for this 6 year old medium size dog?

Lady: I don't know sweetie. You're the one who's good at bargaining.

Phil: How about 50 bucks? She's got all her shots & she can do tricks. Watch. SPARKY! Come here girl! Sit! Good girl. Roll over! ... No. ROLL OVER! Good girl! Shake! Good girl.

Guy: Hmm. Well, you DID have to tell her twice to roll over. She didn't really get it at first. How about 10 bucks?

Phil: How about 15?

Guy: DEAL! Does she come with toys? or are they sold separately?

Phil: I'll throw in a few toys. I've got a great doggie bed I sell to you for $5.

Guy: Great! I'll take it all. What's my total?

Phil: $33.50

Guy: Here's 30. 31, 32, 33. Hey, hon! Do you have 5o cents?

Lady: Yeah, I should. [Digging in the bottom of her purse for 2 minutes] Here you go sweetie.

Guy: Aaaand...50 cents. Thanks!

Phil: Thank you!

Either this guy/family is running from the Mafia or the FBI. Phil, you've had the dog for 6 years (I'm assuming, since you know exactly how old it is. People who get older dogs usually say "Oh, she's about 6 years old, but I'm not 100% sure because she was a rescue...")


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